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1. in what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

For my media product I decided to produce a music video rather than a film due to the fact that I am an aspiring artist myself.  The song I initially wanted to choose called “too deep for the intro” by an artist called J Cole was. However with further research in to songs I decided to do 9am in Dallas by an artist called drake who is signed to Cash Money Records which is under a major (Universal)  .  I chose this particular song because unlike any other rap song it doesn’t follow the codes and conventions of a verse then chorus throughout the song, but has a long verse from beginning to end. This particularly interested me and because it sounded different I felt that this was going to captured my target audiences attention who are between the age of 17-25 and are most likely wanting to be artist themselves.

Before I started my own production I looked at real life examples of CD covers and music videos in order for me to get a base layer of what I want to do with my own artwork. For my CD covers I chose a cover of Lil Wayne’s Carter 3 .  This album cover was so intriguing due to the fact that the front cover was a baby but not just any random baby. It was a picture of the artist when he was younger but with the same tattoos. This narrative could signify that ever since he was a kid he’s always wanted to pursue this career or it could be interpreted as him was born to be a hip hop artist.  This made me feel that this will appeal towards his target audience because this is out of the ordinary. I also deconstructed the album cover of the artist song I chose, which was Drake . In his album cover the colours have seem to have been saturated and tinted in order to give it a different styling. This could have an influence on the target audience because if they went into a music store that is what will stand out the most, so it could be argued that it was a market strategy. One of my favourite deconstruction was a music video of an up coming multi talented group DRB  which I feature in myself. This particularly interested me because the video was shot in a recording studio, which isn’t normally done, and the song it self “Go harder” was to signify that the group are going harder in order to become successful. The video received 11 000 plus views which shows that the target audience enjoyed the video and also liked the aspect of young bright artists trying to make it big.

From the real media text I analysed it was key to note down all the codes and conventions used in both the covers as well as the music video. This was particularly important because this gave me a structure in which I could follow as well as be creative as the same time through judging values according to Claire Bensons idea of creativity. For the 2 CD covers I analysed it was clear that the focal point of the cover was the artist it self and it seemed that the cover was designed around the picture for the artist. I feel this was done in order to allow the audience to get more of an insight of the artist as well as for the artist to be some sort of role model to younger peers. The things that were similar in the two covers were the colours both covers had. The main colours that where featured where black white and red. These colours showed masculinity, it also suggests some sort of excitement which can be associate to cars like Ferraris  which are black and red again showing some sort of masculinity, which match the genre of my media production so I applied it to my own artwork. It was also key in both music videos that they used such props like headphones  , champagne  things you would associate with a rap music video. I feel these props are associated with rap because rappers are seen to have the latest clothing buying the most expensive champagne  with cool gadgets. Plus the lyrics generally matched the ethos of the video in order for their target audience to be able to relate to the song itself. An example of this was in the lyrics when the artist said “smart kids that smoke weed honour roll” at the same time in the video there’s is a shot of the artist pretending to smoke. The edit pace seemed to cut faster as the song pace moved faster as well this might have been done in order for the song to match video conclusively. Another important fact was the editing applied to both music videos one was done is black and white maybe in order to signify to the audience that success is on its way (DRB Go Harder)

while the other (Brooklyn girls- Charles Hamilton)

was done in colour in order to signify to their audience that he a bright new artist. Black and white could also suggest that the video (DRB Go Harder) is sophisticated and they should be taking seriously. Certain Camera angles like close up and mid shots were essential in my music video because close ups would allow my viewers to understand all the expression of my artist so there can engage with the song more. The artist performance style was looking directly at the camera looking non-chalant because these are the codes and conventions of a music video. The mis en scene was on a school ground I did this purposely because I wanted the artist to be seen as a rapper who take life seriously and education is important to him.

For my print elements I decided to focus on the colours white black and red. This is because whilst I was deconstructing real life example of CD covers, which inspired me to follow the same pattern, I realised that those colours showed masculinity and that is what my genre target audience is mainly focused on. I chose to focus on the single of the song as the main headline of the album. It was titled 9am in Dallas and I did this purposely because it goes against the codes against and conventions of normal hip hop album where it’s mostly focused on the artist. The fonts I chose in the first place didn’t really suit the style of music I was trying to portray however having gotten feedback and judging values again another of Claire Bensons idea of creativity which is judging values I chose a font which suited my Print elements. The logo of my print element is the 9am in Dallas with a skyline of a city surrounding the text. I felt that this would appeal towards my target audience because it would be easier for the to imagine the picture I was trying to paint. Also helps identify the logo with the song title/theme, suggests urban living which my target audience would be able to relate to. The name of the artist is Jeremiah normal rap artist have different alter egos for example Sean carter as Jay z   but this is different because he is an upcoming rapper and is bringing something new to the industry and is starting by having a plane name. The tone and register was written in such a way that my target audience could relate to. This allows me to gain more customers to but the album and at the same time market the artwork more effectively. In the general ethos of my print work I feel that I have followed the codes and conventions of a normal hip hop album. However I did go against the conventions in the front cover because in a normal rap cover it would be a picture of the artist face but in my own print work I decided to display a picture of my artist feet in order to grasp my audience and make them wanting to know more. By not showing my artist face this could suggest mystery in some form as well as room for my viewers to be intrigued by the album cover. I feel that by not showing the artist face this gives the impression to my target audience that my artist himself wants to be known for his music rather than how he looks. By doing this he gains a USP (unique selling point) because he doesn’t want to look like most artists. The feet could always represent the city Dallas as him leaving Dallas and going on a journey to success.

In my music video I felt that the content of the song in the lyrics affected my audience because it had specific lines in the song were my target audience can specifically relate to for example “smart kids that smoke weed, honour roll” witty lines like that can especially appeal towards my target audiences. Also the styling of my artist in the music video was especially appealing because through the video the artist did not stick to the same attire but changes frequently which gave it an urban trendy feel towards the music video. I feel from the deconstructions I have used the codes and conventions to good effect to communicate my text. The props I used especially the beat by DRE headphones   allowed he artist to look trendy and appeal towards my target audience. The narrative which most of my audience seem to grasp from the feedback I got realised that the artist was a new an upcoming rapper to that showed my narrative managed to communicate to my target audience. The editing I feel was one of the main parts where I used to communicate the text to my audience, the contrast of colours and the black and white  effect managed to show have a cool effect (dynamic over saturated) , By doing this my target audience would be more enticed to watch my music video, plus at the same time makes my video look more exciting. As well as a serious attitude from my artist in order to appeal towards my target audience even more engaged in the song through the seriousness of his lyrics “I’m allergic to coming in second”. It can be argued that I might have subverted the codes and conventions however I would argue otherwise and say that I followed the normal codes and conventions because my music video focuses on the artist from start to end just like any other rap music video. The narrative in my video was obvious to my target audience from the feedback that he was an aspiring new artist trying to make a name for himself. This is good because it allows the audience to interact with the audience easier because my target audience can see themselves becoming artist one day, the mis en scene also gives a normal type of lifestyle which implies to my TA that not all Hip Hop artists are rich at first and everyone has to start from somewhere. Therefore my TA would feel they could achieve this as well. From my music video I have represented my audience through my artist because most of my target audience is from a young age so from the way my artist dresses it also my target audience to interrelate with the artist and song even more. It is also important to mention that my target audience can use uses and gratification theories for example most of my target audience will use this form of media to form an identity for themselves maybe from the way they even dress. Moreover they can use effect theories such as copycat where I presume my target audience would copy what they see on TV so for example the latest clothes   my artist is wearing my viewers would imitate it.

2.  How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

 In both my print work and my moving I felt that there was consistency in the way they both complimented each other. The style of the print work especially the attire of my artist had shown evenness in the album cover and the music video because his costume still managed to stay the same and kept the urban trendy feel. It is difficult to say whether from my CD advert my target audience would like the album at first glance. However if they were to read it in depth it would be logical to say that the ratings from magazines would allow my viewers realise they would enjoy the album itself. I did this through the content of the advert by making the album highly rated by magazines such as XXL   in order to keep my audience intrigued. Therefore through these high ratings by well known magazines they would take the album more seriously, however it can also be argued that some of my viewers might not respect these magazines. Rationally my print work manages to reflect the genre because most of the photos in the print element consisted of a brick wall in the back ground, when my viewers think of a brick wall  they immediately associate that with an urban feel allowing them to relate it to hip-hop/rap.

I feel that through out the whole production I feel I have been consistent in my graphics for instance using black and white effects and sticking with that in the video in order for my viewers to have a good subconscious feel towards the album. I feel that it is key to mention that both my print work and moving image would sell vastly to my target audience because my viewers would be intrigued about this new artist that is coming up in the industry and would want to know what the artist himself has to say. However it is key to mention that if my project was to sell well it has to be market properly, for instance things like advertising on major music channels such as http://www.mtv.com/ or http://www.vh1.com/  as well as major radio stations like Radio 1. In summary I felt that the synergy of my product was very consistent over my whole print work and m.ving image. The brick wall that was evident in both the album and video signified to my audience that it was an urban setting therefore they realised what genre and narrative it was according to my feedback.

  1. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

My Target audience ranges from the age 17-25. It is mostly target towards males rather the females because I see hip-hop/rap as a genre mostly targeted at males because the successful artists are more male than female. Most of my target audience would aspire to be rappers by imitating their favourite artists. Some will be still in college or in university at the most some of them would be working pat time or doing there masters degree. Hobbies and interest might include sports like football 

or basketball,

others might enjoy art drama etc. most of viewers would be heavily into technology gadgets such as Logic Pro

and Garage Band  where they can make their own music. TV channels such as MTV VH1 and B.E.T would be most appealing to them. Websites like Realtalkny.net, Rapradar.com where they can get latest knowledge of their favourite artist would be the sites they would visit the most. For the most part of them would take part in some sort of festival or gig in order to promote their careers as artists. They can promote festivals through the use of technology with the use of the internet as well as smart phones like blackberry I phones by having this they can promote on social networking sites like twitter and Facebook. In some ways I feel that my product attracts my audience because most of them would have seen what a hip-hop video looks like so they would be able to engage in my music video as well plus from the feed back I received most of my target audience realise what the narrative is which therefore shows I have addressed my audience. From my pre production questionnaire I asked my audience whether they prefer music videos to be both live and narrative. 69% said yes. Therefore because my target audience realised what my narrative was it shows that they consumed the media they way I wanted to with reference to my pre production questionnaire. I feel could have improved in this particular situation by adding a live scene in my video in order to please my target audience. I could have done this by having live shots of my artist actually recording in the studio  and mixing their tracks, this would make the narrative possible more obvious to my target audience. As an aspiring young artist, this would have showed his dedication and professionalism to achieving his goals, plus if I was to add him rapping on stage  the audience can se his talent and rapping skills. However I can argue that it did not suit the type of video I was trying to portray. This is due to the fact that rap music videos the codes and conventions don’t usually have live performances they might sometimes but I felt if I did that my target audience wont really grasp the full narrative and genre of my video. From my focus group I gained some positive feedback apart from them knowing what the narrative initially was, they felt that the camera work was good however I did have a few long static shots that weren’t needed. By doing this it engaged the viewers to the video and emphasised that specific scene. In its place I feel I should have added more shots of the mis en scene as suggested by my target audience. They also enjoyed the consistent change of clothes from the artist because it kept the video interesting and at the same time made it fashionable. They also felt that the black and white and the brightness and contrast over exaggerated colours made it more interesting. However they did say that the lip sync at times seemed inaccurate but I felt it was due to poor managing skills by my artist to learn the lyrics nevertheless I could have chopped out the bad bits and added something different, for instance more shots of him doing other things like mixing his song on a laptop, because the bad Lip sync might suggest to my target audience that my artist isn’t one to be taken seriously as well as the record label he’s signed to.

  1. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Through my whole production process I have used different media technologies to aid me with both my print work and my moving image. Certain applications such as Photo shop   were I was able to make my album cover, which consisted of the front cover, back cover, and the inner cover. Photoshop also assisted me to construct my advert page. Things such as a camera and a tripod stand helped me take the shot and get the right angles in order for me to get the best pictures of my artist. For my moving image I decided to use I movie  in order to synchronize the timing of the lip singing to the actual song. Once that was done I used final cut express  to add the final touches, which included things like adding effects for example black and white effects. I found Photoshop quite useful because it allowed me get the full visual effect I wanted to have, for instance having the whole image black and white and something like the artists hat in colour. This also allowed me to change the colours I felt needed to be changed. For instance because the album covers mostly had colours like red I had to change the artist hat from blue to red. However I found applications such as final cut a bit hard to use so that slowed down my production process, however once I learnt how to use the software it proved useful because it allowed me to change the contrast of the moving image to a high quality standard without any fault unlike Imovie. WordPress itself has been a revelation. By this I mean it has made certain problems like audience feed back much simpler. Instead of going out and handing questionnaires out to people, word press allows you to create a poll daddy where your viewers can go and answer the questions. Plus when that is done it even adds up the tally for you so your work is made easier. The TV didn’t really aid me in my research and planning but the Internet allowed me to search for more ways to get my artists music out there things like youtube  where you can upload videos of your work to a world wide audience allows you to market your product effectively.  Websites such as Facebook  and Twitter  where my target audience are most likely to visit allow me to promote my artist album as well as his music video. This would be beneficial because my audience would be able gain access to such websites on their phone at any time, which makes it easier for them because they don’t always have to have access to a laptop or a computer. Moreover the Internet allowed me to be more specific unlike the television. It also allowed me get real life examples of album covers in order for me to deconstruct and apply to my own print work. Whilst evaluating my product I used things such as poll daddy to help me gain an insight to what viewers think of my whole production process itself. So questions such as “did you understand the narrative in the music video”, allows me to understand whether I have actually produced a moving image as well as my print work that my target audience can relate to. It is hard to say whether I could have used my technology more effectively because using equipment more efficiently would mean being more creative and because I had to stick to certain code and conventions I wasn’t in some way allowed to broaden my horizon with the use of the technology at hand. Technology for me has been a major eye-opener in the way that it is now easier for my target audience to have a wide variety of access to my artist music through streaming websites such as spotify and youtube make it easier to advertise my product to the public. This multi format approach makes it easier for my target audience to gain access to my artist work the internet makes it substantially easier with the click of a button this is really beneficial because it makes advertising simpler and also allows me to gain more viewers through things such as word of mouth which is basically free advertising. Furthermore it also allows record companies directly market artists directly to their TA phones, social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook which means they don’t have to wait to listen to the song on the radio or on the television or even go to the shop to purchase it. In addition by directly sending it to my TA phones they an instantly download it and they can find out the latest news about the artist and tours. As well as that I feel word press  can be a useful aid to a real life production team because they don’t have to go out and do first hand research of their TA they can just use poll daddy which saves time and gives them more room for the production process. It is also important to mention that people making their own music it is relatively cheap because they can get the software for a reasonable amount, then they can market their product through websites like sound cloud,  limelinx  which I use myself and mostly common youtube without spending a penny. This therefore implies that u don’t have to be signed to a major record company in order to create your own tracks, get a video made and market It on social network sites. This is debatable whether this is good for the music industry because logically this means they would lose vast amount of money however it does mean by doing this it gives more chance for new talent and skill.

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Copyright Letter

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Wycliffe College



GL10 2JQ 

2220 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica,

CA 90404 and 1755 Broadway,

New York, NY 10019. 

Re:      Wycliffe School – Music For:

            Media Studies Music Video/ Coursework


Dear Sir or Madam:

 I am producing a music video for my A2 Coursework. I understand that you are the owner of the copyright of the track “Drake- 9am in Dallas” and I would like to ask permission to use it for my video. Since we are on a limited budget and the video will be shown only to students and the administration of our school, we are hoping that you will allow us this use without any charge.  If this is not possible, please let us know what fee would be required for this use. Your signature below, under “confirmed by,” will indicate that you will agree to permit this use without payment of a fee.  Please let us know if you have any questions concerning this license.  Also would you please let us know as soon as possible if this song cannot be licensed so that artistic changes may be made in the songs to be included in the production. 

You can reach us in care of Mr Brown, Wycliffe College, trevor.brown@wycliffe.co.uk

Thank you for your help with this matter and we look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

 Tobi Ajayi

 Confirmed by:



Name of the Music Publisher