Shot List

Filming dates

Wed Jan 5– all day 10am start: order of filming TBA

  • Will (Main Actor), Joe, Jeremy and Callum

Mon Jan 10– approx. 5 hours needed –start time 4pm till finish [probably 9pm]

  • Joe, Jeremy, Callum and Will (main actor)



“9am in Dallas” sang by drake and will be acted by (will) takes place in a house. (Will) wakes up to his alarm which is the song itself. As he is gradually getting up the alarm fades into the real song. He starts getting dressed and raps along to the song. He leaves his room greets his friends, but then start’s to see visions of this girl he finds fascinating. He then finds himself finally outside but she is nowhere to be seen. As he sits down she grabs him by the hand, but the irony is the fact that as he looks up to see her face the screen fades to white and he wakes up to his clock saying 9:00am.

Shot list:

Bedroom Scene’s:

  • Close up of when he makes up.
  • Zoom out to get a feel for the room
  • Mostly going to be a medium shot.
  • Close up of the props he is going to wear E.g. Shoes, Headphones.

Corridor Scene’s:

  • Shots will consist of both close up’s and medium shots
  • Over the shoulder shots so we see where he’s walking.
  • Eye line match when he looks into the rooms.

Stair Case Scene’s:

  • High angle shots of him walking down the stairs
  • Low angle shots of him walking down the stairs
  • Zoom in close up to his face to get his reaction to a certain lyric.

Outside Scene’s:

  • Shot of the sky making the artist seem stressed
  • Zoomed in close up of his face when he doesn’t see the girl he was looking for
  • Low angle shot of his facial expression when he doesn’t see the girl he was looking for.
  • Fade to white when he looks up

Bedroom Scene 2:

  • Fast pace cut when he wakes up
  • Close up of his face sweaty to show he is stressed
  • Finally a close up of the digital clock saying 9:00am.



Potential other ideas –

  • artist entering rooms
  • We follow the artist around from his back.


Edit ideas

  • We will use shots like eye line matches
  • Over the shoulder shots.

These are the extra Ideas I am thinking of however because I have a set idea of what I want to make it is difficult to say until presented with the actual practical task.


Locations List

  • Most likely to take place during the day
  • It will be mostly shot inside and outside of a house
  • Many shot will be: Bedroom’s, Corridor, Stair case and outside a house.

Props List –

  • Headphones
  • Cigarette pack
  • Phone
  • I-Pod
  • Cash
  • Bracelets

Music and Sound effects List –

  • Heavy breathing
  • Alarm Noise

Costume and Makeup – 

  • Super dry jumper
  • Puffer jacket
  • Flat peak hat
  • Chain
  • V neck shirt
  • Pyjamas

Technical kit

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Batteries x2
  • Power cable
  • Tapes
  • Lights x2
  • Gaffer tape
  • Extension leads
  • Cd player/speakers/amp/leads/power
  • Cd of track

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